Entheon Rising

Building a Visionary
Art Sanctuary
with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Calling all temple builders! Contribute to the final stretch of bringing the art back!

A striking new cultural space is taking shape in New York’s Hudson Valley.  Entheon will offer a three-story, 12,000 square foot exhibition of the finest original artwork of the Visionary Art movement, where precious paintings, drawings, sculpture and moving image resonate with the highest states of consciousness. A room with cathedralesque latticework ceilings and archangels will display the Grey’s acclaimed Sacred Mirrors series.


Entheon means “a place to discover the Creator within.” Entheon will be a sanctuary of Visionary Art at CoSM, honoring and preserving works that point to our common transcendental source. Entheon has been under construction since Autumn 2014. The walls are up, the roof is on, and the interior spaces are framed and insulated. A successful Kickstarter campaign has granted CoSM the necessary resources to complete the interior exhibition spaces, and initiate the unique sculptural countenance of Entheon. Entheon is targeted to open in late 2017.

Academy Award winning Disney 3D sculptor, Ryan Tottle [Frozen & Zootopia] collaborated for two years to transform Alex’s drawings into the 3D model that will be printed out, cast in concrete and form the countenance of Entheon.


See what Adam Jones, Mariel Hemingway, Jeffrey Bronfam and Duncan Trussell have to say about the building of Entheon and Alex Grey & Allyson’s Grey work.


First Floor of Entheon

The Entheon Portal will feature Alex’s bronze sculptural relief, Creating a Better World, doors depicting Adam and Eve as artists returning to the Garden, painting a new world and harvesting the Tree of Wisdom.

Enter MAGI Gallery, exhibiting original artwork by leading masters of the International Visionary Art Movement. Entering Entheon, each visitor may spin the World Prayer Wheel. The Entheon Museum Shop will offer affordable originals, limited editions, books and posters of the genre.

A shrine in Entheon will be dedicated to Alex’s artistic collaboration with Grammy Award winning band, Tool. The Psychedelic Reliquary will host treasured artifacts and ephemera, including the spectacles of Dr. Albert Hofmann and the ashes of Timothy Leary. A bust of Visionary artist William Blake on an altarpiece will accompany an account of the history of visionary art.

Second Floor of Entheon

Enter the Chaos, Order and Secret Writing world of Allyson Grey. Through devotionally labor intensive paintings and ink drawings, her Mystic Abstractions point to the fabric of spectral light at the foundations of consciousness.

Allyson Grey’s “Chaos, Order, and Secret Writing”

Alex Grey’s original paintings Kissing, Copulating, Pregnancy, Birth, Nursing will be exhibited on one long wall. Displayed on the second floor will be relics and rarely seen early footage of the Grey’s provocative performance art rituals that led to the creation of Entheon. Also on view will be Gaia, one of Alex’s most beloved monumental paintings, a prophetic work visually articulating the plight of our environment. Painted in 1989, Gaia portrays the Twin Towers with two airplanes headed toward them.

Third Floor of Entheon

“The mission of art is to make the soul perceptible.”
– Alex Grey

Many of Grey’s most transcendental masterworks including, Theologue, a fifteen foot long ethereal landscape with meditating figure, and Net of Being featured on the album of Grammy award winning band TOOL, along with Allyson Grey’s Jewel Net of Indra will line the walls of the Great Hall, meeting place for community gatherings.

Enter the brick archway into the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Reflect on 21 stages of the self, transforming from the physical body into pure infinite love energy and discover the creator within.


Sculptural Countenance of Entheon

Entheon, April 2016

Entheon, sculptural exterior, artists concept

CoSM will soon begin creating the concrete sculptures surrounding Entheon. Ornamental concrete specialists in the Hudson Valley just 30 minutes from CoSM will create giant 3D print-outs of the sculptural features of Entheon. From those print-outs, molds will be made to cast the elements, the faces, the angels, dragons, steeplehead and soulbird guardians in super-strong fiberglass reinforced concrete with a surface of crushed crystal aggregate.

It will take many unique molds to realize all of Entheon’s exterior features. The engineering to attach the sculptures to three stories of brick, steel and concrete will cost $65,000. To complete the sculptural exterior will be an additional $1.5 million.

Emerging from the Angels of the Four Directions, DNA Dragons of Consciousness Evolution, ascend to the Steeple Head, the One.

steeple head cosm entheon

The Steeplehead of Entheon suggests the people of four directions coming together in visionary oneness, a pinnacle of Sacred Unity where humanity meets divinity.

Secret writing represents the language of creative expression. Allyson Grey’s Secret Writing forms a band between the roof and faces. Comprised of twenty unpronounceable letters, this original alphabet corresponds to the nameless presence existent in all sacred writing, the spirit imbedded in communication that cannot be reduced to concepts.

Kickstarter Success

In 2013, thanks to the outstanding support of 1,510 backers, the first Entheon Kickstarter Campaign shot the project forward to fund architectural and engineering plans. With those funds, the bank came through with a construction loan and the build was initiated.

From 2014 to now Entheon has proceeded from foundation, three stories high with a roof.

The second Entheon Kickstarter campaign ended May 31, 2016. The historic project champions independent artists, through right effort, realizing a lifelong vision to build original sacred architecture. CoSM invites the creative visionary community to build Entheon together.

Thank you to all 2,914 backers who brought this campaign to it’s powerful finale! An outpouring of love and support kept the numbers rising, exceeding all  expectations and bringing us to a grand total of $354,917!

Collectively, you raised what we needed to finish the interior of Entheon. Thank you, we mean, historic for us, Thank you. The target date now proposed for opening the art exhibition inside Entheon is the Autumnal/Winter 2017.

Engineering and fabricating the sculptural countenance of Entheon will unfold as funds allow. To honor a heavenly connection, the first sculptural addition will start at the top with the 8-foot high Steeplehead, its installation planned for later this year.

We welcome you to check out cosm.org and consider visiting the grounds on which Entheon is being constructed.

Gratitude to all that helped make this historic campaign a success. Let’s bring CoSM Visionary Art exhibition back on view!